Ragna Crimson
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author Kobayashi Daiki
Artist Kobayashi Daiki
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Ragna Crimson

Manga Ragna Crimson merupakan karya dari komikus Kobayashi Daiki dengan status Ongoing. Baca Manga Ragna Crimson bahasa indonesia terbaru dan terlengkap hanya di Dewa Manga. Sebelum lanjut membaca Manga Ragna Crimson, pastikan kalian membaca sinopsis dan informasi komik ini lebih lanjut dibawah ini.

Рагна Багровый, ラグナクリムゾン, 狩龙人拉格纳, 라그나 크림슨

Sinopsis Ragna Crimson

Manga Ragna Crimson yang dibuat oleh komikus bernama Kobayashi Daiki ini bercerita tentang Ragna is a dragon hunter along with his partner, the strongest dragon hunter Leo. He didn’t have much talent at hunting dragons but he had decided to entrust his whole life for her. However he was shown the feel of true despair by his future self on what would happen if he stays weak as he is now. With that, it seems that the reaper of the dragons had now appeared earlier than the original history, but will it be enough to change the future?

Chapter Ragna Crimson


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